Hannah's Second Book of Poetry 

This could also be called "Folk vs. Jazz" -- it's "ripped from the notebook"


Here I am with a button and a saw

building an outhouse.

I've got 2 x 4s and lumber

which I have picked

from piles of such lumber


sitting through the rain

and beaten by the sun


These natural conditions

have led the wood to be warped, slightly

yet it is still usable.  Wood is an organic thing, coming

                                                                         from a growing tree

and it's just men who have cut her…

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Wiping Down The Piano 

Where I work, I wipe down the piano before the show. It's part of my job as the sound tech. One musician joked, "jazz has to be played on a shiny piano" and I laughed. It's a nice, black shiny piano. Some people might feel like it's a chore, or feel like a butler and shirk from the job, but for me it's almost a spiritual exercise.

You see, even though I am at a swanky jazz club, a "carpet joint" if you will, it wasn't so long ago that I worked at another, much more run down club in the city, let's call it…

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