Hannah Frank is a Midwestern songwriter whose first forays into music swept through rural country blues, raw cowboy chords, and surprising lyrics. Soaking up Chicago's music scenes, you can find traces of jazz and the electrifying energy of urban blues. Characters step out of songs as if out of a novel. The original songs and select covers are mysterious, evocative and fun.

Hannah Frank Group features the talented sounds of Victor Sanders (electric guitar), Meg Thomas (percussion) and Ben E. Miller (bass). The group has performed at Chicago House of Blues, Mayne Stage, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen and many other classic clubs as well as running a songwriter showcase "Singing for Your Supper" for over two years in conjunction with Chicago Acoustic Underground Podcast. On the forefront of the original songwriter helm in Chicago, the group has performed alongside many great acts from touring bands to local songwriters, having fun along the way. The band's grooving, epic soundscape is a backdrop to Hannah's stories. The band's music has been heard on Chicago radio WLUW and WDCB stations and enjoys playing on big stages as much as art spaces, parties and creative haunts. 


About the PUSH collection

The most recent mini-album by the full Hannah Frank Group, you'll hear Hannah, Meg Thomas, Ben E. Miller and Victor Sanders in the studio with tunes about time travel and live ("Alamo"), the classic epic storytelling of travelling across the United States and a mysterious character who keeps reappearing ("Jones"), and the only song riffing on the romantic, unknown moment when you find yourself kissing someone to a Duke Ellington reord ("Is You Mine").

About Things Change

Reading a biography on Jimi Hendrix in 2010 affected me a lot and led me to start a music blog called On Axis Music, in part from the title of the song "Axis Bold as Love." I learned more about Hendrix and had a new respect for him after seeing underneath the caricature society placed him in. I started really playing electric guitar, for myself, to myself. I came up with some little riffs that became the songs "Things Change" and "King James." The latter song's riff was lifted from a guy sitting outside of a McDonald's who asked to play my guitar and proceeded to play some very gospel-inspired fingerstyle riff which I did not duplicate, but tried to evoke.

The cover artwork is by Chicago visual artist Boyea Blountt. I saw this image in a cafe and I was like that is it. This artist had a traumatic brain injury by a medical accident and makes colorful artwork that I hope people will purchase by being introduced to his art. This images is of Myrna Loy. 


"What do you mean there's a mix up and the studio isn't available?" is the last thing you want to hear yourself saying on the day you've scheduled your band to record. We found another studio in no time flat, and we were ready to play. We kicked butt on these four tunes. This was when the band was just getting started. Oddly, even with the chaos of the day, or maybe because of it, this is some of our best work. Enjoy!

We did a release show for this album at the eminent Mayne Stage venue on Chicago's north side. 



"Mad Girl's Diary" was inspired by the Ozzie Osbourne song "Mad Man's Diary."


Photo by Roman Sobus

Photo by Roman Sobus

Hannah Frank Group: Meg Thomas (percussion), Hannah Frank (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Victor Sanders (guitar), Ben E. Miller (bass). The band can also feature special guests.


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